Arunachal Pradesh residents unhappy with India’s illegal rule, want to return: Chinese state media

China’s State media on Wednesday continued its attacks on India over the Dalai Lama’s Arunachal Pradesh visit, claiming Arunachal residents were suffering under what it called ‘India’s illegal rule’.

The official China Daily slammed India and said, “Under India’s illegal rule, the residents of Southern Tibet [as China refers to Arunachal Pradesh] live difficult lives, face various kinds of discrimination, and look forward to returning to China.”

“The Dalai Lama’s recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh, as it is called by its illegal Indian occupiers, has once again put the Southern Tibet region of China in the spotlight,” the paper read.

“The region was separated from China by the so-called McMahon Line in the early 1900s, a line the then foreign secretary of the British India, Henry McMahon, proposed as part of the Simla Accord, a treaty that was never validated”, the paper read, slamming the Simla accord.


The paper also attacked the Dalai Lama over his visit to Arunachal, claiming “he wants to sell the land to a foreign country.”

“He just hopes to add weight to his identity as a ‘son of India’ by selling the territory to India, ignoring the trouble he is causing for the settlement of China-India border issues, regional peace and stability,” read the commentary, authored by Xu Rao, a strategic expert in Beijing, accusing the Dalai Lama of betraying regional peace.

The commentary further read, “His latest visit to the region, at the invitation of the Indian government, shows that he can’t wait to give away Tawang district, the holy land of China’s Tibet where the sixth Dalai Lama was born, in exchange for India’s support for the survival of his separatist group. His trip is testimony to his betrayal of himself, the people, the country, as well as regional peace.”

The paper accused the Dalai Lama of betraying the Tibetan people in his eagerness to please India, as he is dependent on the country for his living. (India Today)



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