Planting trees and saving the environment are the need of the hour. What could be a better way to celebrate an occasion other than planting trees?

Bhutan took the environmental-friendly plunge by planting 1,08,000 trees to celebrate the birth of Bhutan’s prince; King Khesar’s and Queen Pema’s first child.

On February 5, 2016, King Khesar and Queen Pema announced the birth of their first child and that triggered the initiative of planting trees. The tiny country planted 1,08,000 saplings; each sealed with a prayer for the newborn prince.

Symbolising longevity, health, beauty, compassion, trees are considered sacred in the Buddhist culture.

Exactly 1,08,000 trees were planted because 108 is considered a holy number in Buddhism.

Tenzin Lepkhell was one of the coordinators and he said, “108 is a holy number in Buddhism which denotes the cleansing of 108 degradations that delay souls from attaining enlightenment.”

Each of the 82,000 households planted a tree and the remaining 26,000 trees were planted by coordinators.

Bhutan’s Constitution states that 60% of the land should be under forest cover.

Following that, the country is preserving 60 % of its land for forests. Last year too, the country set a world record by planting 49,672 trees in an hour.

That’s really awesome, Bhutan. What could be a better way to share the happiness other than such a holy and eco-friendly way!