WTO meet: India to pitch for permanent solution to food security

New Delhi: India will pitch for conclusion of Doha Round, permanent solution to the food security issue and protection to farmers from sudden surge in imports in the forthcoming meeting of the WTO at Nairobi this month.

Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia said that many developed countries want to ‘stonewall’ the issues which are already on the table and want to introduce new ones. She said that there is an effort now to introduce new issues on the table and try to expand the mandate without addressing the issues which are already under discussion.

India would focus on four main issues, including stock-piling for food security, at the WTO’s Ministerial Conference to be held in Nairobi from December 15-18.

“What we are looking at Nairboi are…the Doha Round must not be abandoned at Nairobi. Its true that we have rough patches, there are difficulties. But it is inevitable in a body as large as this…What we would look for is to consolidate what we have achieved so far and then move forward,” she said.


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