Sikkim cut off after massive landslides in Kalimpong

KALIMPONG, West Bengal: Massive landslides in the Kalimpong region of Darjeeling district have cut off National Highway 10, which connects Sikkim to West Bengal. The region has witnessed several landslides due to incessant rains, disrupting communications and causing hardship to people. Authorities have stepped up rescue and relief work along the National Highway 31 (A) in Kalimpong region of West Bengal, which connects Sikkim. Hundreds of tourists bound for Sikkim have been stranded, along with heavy trucks ferrying goods to the state. According to local media reports, at least 38 people have died, 23 are missing and more than 500 have been displaced in the area. Many highways are closed and even some portions of bridges are washed away, cutting off the road linking to main regions.

A landslide on June 26 had stopped the traffic between the two states for three days.

The Border Road Organisation and the local authorities are jointly attempting to clear the highway swiftly and restore connectivity. Although vehicle movement has been stalled, people are commuting by foot.


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