Green Mizoram Day – 36 lakh trees planted in 17 years

Thousands of tree saplings were planted across Mizoram as the state observed ‘Green Mizoram Day’ on 11th June. The day has been observed since 1998 and more than 36 lakh of tree saplings have been planted till last year.
Governor Lt. General Nirbhay Sharma, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, ministers, officials, students and members of NGOs participated and planted trees. According to PTI, southernmost district of Saiha has the highest percentage of survival of planted trees at 81.21 per cent while the lowest survival rate was in Myanmar border Champhai district at a mere 14.68 per cent. The state, known for its rain forests has the highest forest cover among Indian states, with 91% of the state covered in greenery. The percentage, however, has deteriorated with time. Green Mizoram Day is an initiative to preserve the state’s diverse flora and fauna and preserve the ecological balance of the region. Each year, on a particular day during the first or second week of June, the state observes Green Mizoram Day, a day dedicated to planting of tree saplings and maintenance of the trees planted in the previous years.


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