Kaushik Bajibab—————————- The stunning hermitage that is Arunachal Pradesh takes you in circles—you are either climbing up or winding downhills that croon stories of all kinds. We even witnessed a small rumbling disapproval from a portion of the hillside—yes, landslides are common. Having started early in the morning on a random day in November 2016,… Read More EAGLENEST : EVERY BIRDER’S HAVEN

Brahmaputra: Water Race Between India And China

by Chandan Kumar Duarah————————– As the news about diversion of water of Brahmaputra published in Chinese media on 29 October ’17, it invites much repercussion from different fields in India and Bangladesh. People have expressed deep concern over diversion plan of China. Though China denied the report as false and baseless, it fails to nutralise… Read More Brahmaputra: Water Race Between India And China

Indian dams causing floods in Nepal: Locals

Every monsoon season, locals of the tarai region worry about flood water diverted from barrages, dams and embankments constructed by India. One such structure is Laxampur dam, which, along with the Kalkalawa embankment, has been causing floods in the Bagauda area of Banke district. After the construction of these structures, around 2,500 bigha of land… Read More Indian dams causing floods in Nepal: Locals

Climate information important for agriculture

A stakeholders’ workshop on climate services for agriculture in Thimphu was conducted from November 7 to 9 to assess the user’s need of the climate services for agriculture, to create awareness on various climate services, and to develop recommendations and plans. Agriculture officer with agriculture research and extension division, Sagar Acharya, said that the usage… Read More Climate information important for agriculture